If there is wifi, a place where one has gone can also use the Internet.

Pocket WiFi
Nexus 5

Long Term Rental


How soon can I receive service after I send an order?

A : 3 days after you place your order at the latest.

How do I place an order?

A : The only method to place an order is through our website in the "Order" tab on the content menu.

Pocket WiFi rental

How long is the minimum rental period?

A : For long term rental, all customers are required to rent from 120 days as the minimum period. However, in case you would like to terminate the contract before the minimum period ends, the termination fee will be free of charge.

How fast is the connection?

A : Up to 150 Mbps as a best effort basis. The Internet speed also depends on the location. You may receive slower internet speed if you go to the country side area.

What is in the package that I will receive if I order 1 Pocket WiFi?

A : In case you rent one Pocket WiFi, the package that you will receive contains:

1. Pocket WiFi 2. Pocket WiFi's case 3. AC adaptor 4. USB cable 5. Receipt 6. Return envelope and 7. Manual.

Do I have to configure anything before connecting my device to the Pocket WiFi?

A : No, you do not need to configure anything for you device and our Pocket WiFi. You can just turn on the WiFi function of your device, choose the SSID (the name of the Pocket WiFi network) and enter the password. Then you will be able to use it.

What to do if I would like to extend my contract after 120 days minimum plan?

A : In case you would like to extend after 120 days minimum plan, please contact us by calling or sending an email. In the email, please specify your name, order number, and expecting new return date. After receiving your email, we will carry on the extension process and contact you back as soon as possible. In case you are calling in, we have Japanese, Thai, English, Spanish and Chiness speaker to support you. Thus, please feel free to call us.

Loss or Damage

What to do if I lose or break the device?

A : In case anything happenes with the device, such as lost or damaged, the customer is responsible to pay the penalty fee as shown below:
- Let's Internet Japan will charge the following fee for the loss or damage as a penalty without any exception to the customer's credit card.
Pocket WiFi: 20,000 JPY
Extra battery: 1,500 JPY
AC Adapter: 1,000 JPY
Micro USB cord: 500 JPY
Carrying pouch: 500 JPY


Which credit card can I use?

A : VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners.
We accept only credit card payment.